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Beyblade birthday cake


A fun cake for boys.. A Beyblade is a type spinning top that you build. Each Beyblade basically has 3 parts that you put together in different combinations. The completed spinning tops then have different strengths and weaknesses. It is all rather complicated, and I had to ask my nephew about it, as my kids missed out on this craze. You battle with other Beyblades in an arena.

The cake has been designed to look like one of these arenas. I must say, the tops are great at spinning for a long time if they don’t get bumped out.

The Beyblade cake is constructed from an 8 inch round mud cake.  Beyblades are very popular with 5 to 10 year olds.


beyblade cakeIt is fun to look back over the years and see the toys, movies and trends our children are interested in.

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Pokemon cake for 11 year old

Here is the Pokemon cake I made for a special 11 year old Pokemon fan. According to an article on news.com.au, Pokemon Go was “The most lucrative gaming app last year by a long shot”.
I have been making Bon’s birthday cake for quite a few years now. Each year his cake reflects his current interests. So, I am sure he in not the only one that would like a Pokemon cake for his birthday.
The cake is a gift from his grandmother. She told me that Bon had a great time at his party. He loved his cake and playing Bubble Soccer with his friends. I wonder what design he will request next year?Pokemon cake

Dance themed cake

This is the perfect cake for any girl that loves to dance. I love the blue, black, white and silver colours.
dance cake

The dancing cake design

The 3 silhouetted dancers on the cake are made from gumpaste. Gumpaste is a type of icing often used in cake decorating, that dries very hard. I needed the dances to be strong enough so I could place them with sections unsupported by the cake. The words, “Live, Love, Dance” were hand painted on to the cake with Americolor Nero. This is a black food colouring that is easy to paint onto the cake with a fine brush. The name was made using cutters. The fondant letters were then painted silver using edible lustre dust.

The cake topper

The cake topper consists of stars on wires. These were made in advance. The stars are also made of gumpaste. It is not safe to place the stars on wires directly into a cake. This is because if a piece of the wire was cut off and left in the cake, it could be accidentally eaten. A safe way to place the star topper on the cake is to use a posy pick. A posy pick is a hard plastic tube with an end. When you cut the cake, the whole posy tube is removed. The wires never touch the cake. Posy picks can be purchased from a cake decorating supply shop or places like Spotlight.
More Dance themed cakes and parties.

 Pink ballet slippers.

We had a Dance Cake Decorating Party for Abby’s 10th birthday.

Sebastian’s 1st Birthday- monkey cake

 I fell in love with this monkey cake. I think he is very cute. Dominic also was impressed with this one. He really wanted to have his photo taken with the cake. The cake is actually for Sebastian, to celebrate his first birthday
Both head and the body are completely made of cake. The legs are yummy chocolate truffle, like the kind of cake you find inside a cake pop. Much nicer than using a thick piece of fondant. I don’t know if you can see, but the Monkey is actually holding onto a cupcake with a single candle in it.

“Hi Melissa,
The party was great! The monkey was the star of the show. I was so sad to have to cut him up! Had to behead the poor thing! And the cake was delicious. Thank you so much.
Kind regards, Alex”

Have a great day,

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1st Birthday Owl Cake

owl 1st birthday cake
I had fun creating this Owl 1st birthday cake. Hoot was made for Noah and Hootabelle was made for Zoe. The two owls are sitting on top of a cloud, with a birthday cake between them.

Sharing a birthday cake

At first when the family asked me to make this cake, I thought it was for twins, but the children are actually cousins. Sharing a birthday cake is such a good idea if you have family members that are born on the same day or only a couple of days apart. The 8 inch vanilla cake was big enough for everyone to enjoy and each child has their own special keepsake.

Zebra and pink birthday cake.

This vibrant cake was for Annabelle’s 12th Birthday. Her Mum ordered it as a surprise.
My favourite bit is the zebra bow. I haven’t made one before, but it was easy and I love the way it looks against the pink cake.

Lego Cake


 I had a great time creating this fondant Lego cake. I have always loved Lego. So today, not only do I have the cake I made for Alessio to share with you, I thought I would also share with you a few photos of our family trip to LEGOLAND!

This is LEGOLAND in San Diego, USA. Not the scariest theme park I have ever been too. However, there were a lot of really fun and unique rides. It was like being a kid all over again!

At the time my children were 7 years and 10 years old. I really good time to go. They were tall enough to go on all the rides, big enough to walk around the park all day and excited as me to me there.
This rollercoaster was a bit like the “Mad Mouse”, they used to have at the Royal Melbourne Show.


The kids loved driving their own car.
The bionic arm was my favourite ride at LEGOLAND. I liked the top setting which had you doing loops and turns and spins in random order.


Riding the helicopters,  great for the little ones.
A race in emergency vehicles. You needed a bit of team work to
get to the burning building, put out the fire and complete the rescue.


Lego was everywhere. Look at these cool animals you could make move by shooting their targets.


LEGOLAND’s version of the cup and saucer ride.
 Happy Birthday Alessio!Elegant Cakes and Party Dates Details



Holy Communion cake for Nathan

Here is Nathan’s Holy Communion cake. Nathan’s Mum contacted me after seeing the cake I made for Mietta’s Holy Communion.
The cake is pale blue, with a dark blue ribbon to match his tie. The family choose my most popular flavour, mud cake with chocolate ganache under the fondant. Nathan had a new shirt, tie and suit to wear at his Holy Communion. His little fondant figurine was handmade and is dressed in the same little outfit. Because the figurine had to be standing to was important to make it in advance, this gives the fondant figurine a chance to firm up. At least a week or more is best, then you don’t end up with a droopy figurine.
This cake also keeps well if you  happen to end up with any leftovers after the event. When transporting a cake like this, the best thing you can do it is place it in a box in the empty boot of the car. A piece of non-slip mat will stop the box from sliding anywhere. This is much safer than placing the cake on a seat, where there is the possibility of it falling forward. It is also better than holding it. This cake does not need to be stored in the fridge before it is cut. The cake is best left in the box, away from heat and sunlight until it is time to set up for the party.
Congratulations Nathan!
Holy Communion

Mermaid cake for Claudia’s 5th Birthday

 I met Claudia for the first time this year when she came to pick up her mermaid cake with her Dad. She was very excited about her up mermaid party. Claudia’s Mum sent these photos of the venue, set up for her Birthday. The decorations look great. The colour match the cake design perfectly.
mermaid decorations mermaid party set up

The cake design

The feature of Claudia’s 5th birthday cake is the Mermaid. The ombre ruffles around the sides of the cake, soften the look and are reminiscent of the sea. There are a couple of little shells and some coral decorating the board. These are also all hand modeled out of fondant.
 I was very happy to hear the mermaid party and cake were a great success! The cake flavour is chocolate mud with chocolate ganache icing. Everything is edible.
I have made three birthday cakes for Claudia now.
When she was two, I made this little owl sitting on a branch.
When she was 4, Claudia had an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party.
Here is her a cake with Alice falling head first down the rabbit hole.

Stunning job, as always Melissa.

Everyone raved about the cake. I thought I’d send some pics from her party today. They had decorated the room where they had the food so beautifully that it just looked so perfect.

Thanks again! Toby’s 2nd birthday is coming up in August and am thinking ‘farmyard’ (he loves tractors):) So may be in touch a bit later.


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Alice in Wonderland cake

I had a busy end to the week. With an order for cookies, a cake decorating party to plan and this fun cake to make.
This is the second Alice in wonderland themed cake I have made. Both very different. What I love about this one is the colour. The vibrant green fondant, really makes the whole cake come to life.

The sides of the cake were painted with Wilton leaf green and mixes of brown and yellow. This was simply mixed with just a little water and applied to the cake using light strokes.

Alice was made out of fondant a couple of days in advance and dried the right way up so the layers of her skirt billowed up when she started falling down the hole.

The cake was made for a very special little girl called Claudia to celebrate her 4th birthday.
This is the second cake I have made for Claudia. The first one was a cake with a sweet little owl.

Here is the finished cake!!

Holy Communion Celebration Cake

Here is the photo of the Holy Communion celebration cake I made. The gorgeous photo was sent to me by her family after the event. The  two tier cake is chocolate mud cake, with ganache icing and the cake is covered in fondant. The praying figurine on the top of the cake is hand modelled. The fondant dress was painted with a satin lustre dust to make it shimmer.  All the little flowers on the cake and board have pale blue centres.  A little bible sits at the front of the cake and was printed with special a message.

Holy Communion Celebration Cake

Teddy Bear Cake with pink roses & pops.

This sweet little cake was made for Le Jia’s 2nd Birthday.
       With the cute fondant teddy and the pink ribbon
roses, it is similar to the cake I made for Ava.
Le Jia’s Mum also wanted to try some cake pops,
so there are 30 lemon cake pops arranged around a hand made stand.
The cake was an egg-free berry cake with a raspberry and vanilla filling.
A lovely way to celebrate with two types of dessert!