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Friday Night Cake Decorating Parties

 Here is Ayla’s 10th Birthday party in Mitcham. The 8 girls had a lovely time making their own versions of this colourful rainbow cake with name hearts and flowers.
This is one of Elegant Cakes and Party Dates Friday Night Cake Decorating Parties. I do quite a few Friday night parties. Given that so many people have other commitments on the weekend, hold a party on Friday night, can be a really good option. Especially if you live close to Manningham.

The girls spent the full two hours decorating their cakes. I like the way each one turned out a little different, and the bright colours make them all look so appealing. First the girls covered their cake, then I showed them how to add the rainbow and the heart with their names on it. Then they spent the rest of the time adding different flowers, borders and other finishing touches to their cakes.

Happy Birthday Ayla!

Cupcake Decorating Party Melbourne

Today I have a lovely party to share with you. This is Chloe’s 11th Cupcake Decorating Birthday Party. The party was held in Chloe’s home in Melbourne, Victoria. Chloe selected our Teddies and Flowers Cupcake Party. This consists of four cupcakes:

  • A cupcake with their initial or age
  • An animal, teddy bear
  • A bunch of flowers
  • A bow
The colours used for the Cupcake Decorating Party

Green, yellow, blue and white fondant are great colours to select for a cupcake theme. The colours really compliment each other. The children at this party were all around 10 years old, with a couple of younger kids. The teddy bear is a new cupcake to choose from. I like to mix things up a bit when it comes to parties and are more than happy to come up with new designs. The bunch of flowers made from ribbon roses is also another new design.

Who was at the Cupcake Decorating Party?

There were both girls and boys at the party. I thought at first the boys wouldn’t want to make the flowers and bows, but they didn’t mind at all. They were a great bunch of kids to work with, chatting animatedly all the way through the party. I think there was even a bit of karaoke at one stage. The children had a long discussions about who they were going to give each cupcake to, which I thought was rather nice. Below are the cupcakes made at the party.

Who is this party suitable for?

If you are considering booking a cupcake decorating party for your child, this is a great option for both girls and boys. I would recommend this party for children aged 9 years and older.

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Cupcake party

Christmas Decorating workshops in Melbourne

Christmas Cupcake Decorating Melbourne

Christmas Decorating workshops in Melbourne.

If you are looking for fun way to get into the Christmas spirit this November and December, why not consider a Christmas Cupcake Decorating Party? These fun cake decorating activities can be shared with friends, grandchildren, cousins, as an end of year break up party for a club, etc, etc… All you need is to gather a group of 6-8 people. Select someone’s house to hold it at, and you have a great Christmas Party organised. Different designs can be organised depending on the age and number of the guests.

A party for the grandchildren

Zoe, thought this party was great idea. Her Grandmother organised the party. She said that she always like baking and making Christmas things. Zoe’s Grandmother booked the party treat for not only Zoe, but all of her grandchildren.

Christmas cupcake party

The girls were between 3 and 5 years old. The decorating lasted about an hour and a half. The children decorated 4 cupcakes each. They had fun making a Snowy Owls, Christmas Trees and Snowmen. For the last cupcake, the children learnt how to use the tools and cutters I brought with me. They were then able to create their own multi-coloured cupcake design. This is one Christmas party options.


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Gluten Free Owl Cake Decorating Party

gluten free cake party melbourne

I have a lovely owl cake decorating party to share with you today. This is a 2 hour party, celebrating Tamara’s 10th birthday.

Selecting the design

Tamara found my website and saw the Owl Cake Decorating Party we organised for June’s Birthday in Bentleigh. She thought the owl cakes were really cute.

I let Tamara select some of the colours we would use to decorate the owl cakes with. She selected dark pink owls on pink cakes. Tamara also wanted to add their names to the front of their cakes using blue fondant. On the top the girls made branches and leaves. They then added various flowers to their cakes.

There were 7 guests at Tamara’s party. After handing out the invitations, Tamara found that two of her guests were not able to eat cakes containing gluten.

Special dietary requests – Gluten free

Inviting guests with allergies or special dietary requirements is not an issue, as long as we are notified in advance. So, for this party it was very easy to make a couple of gluten free cakes. The two girls decorated gluten-free vanilla cakes. For the rest of the girls Tamara selected Chocolate mud cakes. The icing is all gluten free, so everyone gets to decorate their cake with the same fondant. At the end of the party, you cannot see that some guests started with a different cake, and they all have their names on them.


Owl mini cake party
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 Happy Birthday Tamara!
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