Here are some of our 21st celebration birthday cakes

21st birthday cakes

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Mum’s Birthday Cake

This rainbow cake with monarch butterfly was made for a very special recipient, my Mum. Did you know that the common name for the Monarch butterfly is the Wanderer Butterfly?
I think the cake is very appropriate for her, as she brightens all our lives and loves to travel. Here she is enjoying her day with the grandchildren.
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Fire truck cake for Leo

Here is Leo’s 1st Birthday cake. A bright red fire engine cake, complete with ladder and all the details. The fire engine cake was sculpted. The cake flavour Sticky Date and it is filled with white chocolate ganache icing.  This cake is special because it has so many details. I asked what Leo’s reaction was when he saw his cake. Leo’s mother Donna said: “He loved it! Kept shouting Nee Nor!! It was very cute! “

Eggless Chocolate Cake

I have an eggless chocolate cake decorated in buttercream to share with you today. The cake flavour selected by Ajay for his Mum, was a eggless chocolate cake. The texture of the cake is light and airy, with just the right amount of chocolate.
egg-less chocolate cake with buttercream
Eggless chocolate cake with buttercream roses.
pipe with buttercream This eggless chocolate cake is  baked in a 9 inch round tin and is 4 inches high. All the roses are piped with buttercream. The piping tip used is a 104 Wilton tip. Buttercream cakes require refrigeration until shortly before they are served. The cake then needs to be brought to room temperature before you eat it, so that you can appreciate the full flavour and texture of the cake and icing.
 eggless chocolate cake
Cakes made without eggs can still be just as tasty and indulgent as eggs made with cakes. Many people seek to eat a diet without eggs. This includes vegans who exclude all animal byproducts from their diet, people with allergies or intolerance to eggs, and people who opt to avoid eggs for health reasons.

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