Eggless Chocolate Cake

I have an eggless chocolate cake decorated in buttercream to share with you today. The cake flavour selected by Ajay for his Mum, was a eggless chocolate cake. The texture of the cake is light and airy, with just the right amount of chocolate.
egg-less chocolate cake with buttercream
Eggless chocolate cake with buttercream roses.

Cakes made without eggs can still be just as tasty and indulgent as eggs made with cakes. Many people seek to eat a diet without eggs. This includes vegans who exclude all animal byproducts from their diet, people with allergies or intolerance to eggs, and people who opt to avoid eggs for health reasons.

 eggless chocolate cake
pipe with buttercreamThis eggless chocolate cake is  baked in a 9 inch round tin and is 4 inches high. All the roses are piped with buttercream. The piping tip used is a 104 Wilton tip. Buttercream cakes require refrigeration until shortly before they are served. The cake then needs to be brought to room temperature before you eat it, so that you can appreciate the full flavour and texture of the cake and icing.

Gluten Free Owl Cake Decorating Party

Tamara’s 10th birthday.
Number of guest that attended:  7.
gluten free cake party melbourne

I have a lovely owl cake decorating party to share with you today. Tamara found my website and saw the Owl Cake Decorating Party we organised for June’s Birthday in Bentleigh. She thought the owl cakes were really cute. After handing out the invitations, Tamara found that two of her guests were not able to eat cakes containing gluten.

 Special dietary requests – Gluten free

Inviting guests with allergies or special dietary requirements is not an issue, as long as we are notified in advance. So, for this party it was very easy to make a couple of gluten free cakes. The two girls decorated gluten-free vanilla cakes. For the rest of the girls Tamara selected Chocolate mud cakes. The icing is all gluten free, so everyone gets to decorate their cake with the same fondant. At the end of the party, you cannot see that some guests started with a different cake, and they all have their names on them.

Selecting the design

I let Tamara select some of the colours we would use to decorate the owl cakes with. She selected dark pink owls on pink cakes. Tamara also wanted to add their names to the front of their cakes using blue fondant. On the top the girls made branches and leaves. They then added various flowers to their cakes.

Happy Birthday Tamara!!

Egg free chocolate cake.

  Here is the 21st Birthday cake made for Jamie’s party. The celebration took place locally in Manningham. The cake is an egg free chocolate cake. Egg free vanilla cake is also a flavour that is often requested. This is probably the 5th Tiffany  birthday cake that I have made. I think Tiffany cake boxes are so popular because of their stylish  and elegant design. My favourite part is making the bow.
Enjoy your day,
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Teddy Bear Cake with pink roses & pops.

This sweet little cake was made for Le Jia’s 2nd Birthday.
       With the cute fondant teddy and the pink ribbon
roses, it is similar to the cake I made for Ava.
Le Jia’s Mum also wanted to try some cake pops,
so there are 30 lemon cake pops arranged around a hand made stand.
The cake was an egg-free berry cake with a raspberry and vanilla filling.
A lovely way to celebrate with two types of dessert!


Penguins – A Nut free Cake Party

Number of guests that attended:6
Here is the mini cake party we did for Georgia’s 12th Birthday. Georgia’s favourite animal is the cute fairy penguin and her favourite colour is Blue. Using these two things it was pretty easy to come up with this fun winter theme for her cake decorating birthday party.
Cake Flavour and catering for guests with allergies
All of the cakes were vanilla, with vanilla buttercream icing. One of the guests had a peanut allergy, however there was little I had to change as the cakes and icing were all nut free. All our parties are nut free. please contact to discuss any allergies your guests have.
Making the penguin cakes
First the girls covered their cakes in fondant. Next it was time to make the penguin together. Starting with a white ball of fondant for the body, shaping it, adding black wings. We worked through all the steps together. The girls then spent some time adding scarves and other little accessories, such as ear muffs.
Then they made a border around the bottom of their cakes which looked like snowy hills, with snow balls and a pine tree. I also showed them how to make simple 3d pine tree to place on top of their penguin cake.
The girls were quite happy to add their own creative touches after that. They all decided to add a little snowmen, as well as their name or initials. The party was nice and small, with just 6 people. This party included Georgia’s Mum, which was really lovely. Each of the cakes are a little bit different, I think they all look great! It was a very enjoyable afternoon.
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 Happy Birthday Georgia!

A Vegan Engagement Cake


Tia’s severe nut and egg allergy and a Non-allergic food hypersensitivity to dairy had always prevented her from eating cake at special events. But she was determined not to miss out this time. Elegant Cakes and Party Dates was able to create a lovely Chocolate Engagement Cake that didn’t contain eggs, butter or milk, but was still rich and moist with a tender crumb. My aim was not just to have a beautiful looking cake, but also a cake that tasted lovely for the people at the party that didn’t have any allergies. It was wonderful to make this cake, because you know that the extra care and attention you have given is really appreciated. An Engagement Party is such a special event and not something you are going to forget in a hurry. The engagement party was held at Casa D’Abruzzo Club Epping

The roses were to be made of fondant, and the chocolate ganache I usually use was replaced with a Chocolate soy butter cream.

This is what Tia had to say: “Wow its amazing, even better than my reference photo..I’m so happy with it and my fiance loves it too.. The ingredient list and all the things you used are great 😀
It was Yummy and looked so nice I felt bad to cut it lol..It was all great and a really nice night. Thanks again. 🙂 “.
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A nut free party for Boys and Girls

Indiana’s 7th Birthday

Number of guests that attended: 10


Here we are at Indiana’s cake decorating party. Indiana’s party was a Hawaiian themed event, where the girls made Hula Doll Cakes and they boys made Volcanoes with Dinosaurs.

Making the Hula Doll Cakes

 The skirts were made by cutting strips of sour straps in different colours. After making the skirts for their dolls, the girls attached the dolls and designed fondant clothing for them. Next they used my various tools to make little decorations for their Hula Dolls.
As the girls where making doll cakes, we figured that the boys would like to do something different.

Making the Volcanos cakes

This was the first party where boys made volcano cakes. We have made them at a few different parties now. So the boys made lava and fire, and decorated the base of their cakes with leaves and plants. Finally they added a couple of dinosaurs.

Catering for allergies

All the cakes and decorations were egg and nut free, as one of the little girls had severe allergies. Rather than giving her something different to do, it was easier to make the whole party a nut and egg free zone. It was lovely to watch the children create their own individual designs. There were 10 guests and they were all around 6 or 7 years old.  The children started with a dome cakes, which were coated in a thin layer of icing. This party is great for young guests looking to do something different. It takes between an hour and a half to two hours to decorate these cake designs, depending on how creative the children get with adding all the little finishing touches.

More parties with Volcano cakes

more parties with volcanos.

At Stefanie’s 10th Birthday, she organised for her brothers to make volcano cakes, while the girls made Ladybird mini cakes. You can read more about this party here.

Say YES to Rainbow Cakes!

I am excited to share with you this bright and colourful Birthday Cake. Designing it was so much fun! The Cake was for Maya’s 7th birthday in Melbourne. Maya decided she would like to have a “Rainbow Disco Party”. This cake for  serves 15 people. Here are a couple of picture I took along the way.

The cake is  Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake with Chocolate Ganache. It is covered in a thin layer of white rolled Fondant. The rainbow,  cake border and flowers are all made from fondant which has been coloured with special cake decorating gels.  Small amounts of gel are added to the fondant using a toothpick, then fondant is then kneaded. This process is repeated until the desired shade is achieved.  The gel colours are strong though, so usually you only have to add more colour once or twice.The rainbow is made from two shades of pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Making the rainbow border

The border is simple made by rolling individual balls of fondant and placing them in position around the cake. If you are wondering how to make each one the same size. Roll each colour of fondant with a rolling pin to the same thickness. Then use the end of a piping tube to cut circle shapes. Roll up the circles and each ball will be the same size.

The flowers which are also made from fondant are attached to the cake using the tiniest amount of water. These flowers were then randomly positioned around the cake. The letters for Maya’s name are made using a cutter. Again the fondant is rolled out, then left to dry for a while. This makes it easier to remove the letters from the cutter.

Maya’s Dad came and picked up the cake after work. I received a phone call when he arrived home to say how happy they were with the cake and how I had brightened their day! It is always lovely to hear that a cake you have designed is a big hit!

 Have a wonderful day!