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Wedding cookies made for your Melbourne event

Was asked to make some Wedding cookies recently. These Wedding cookies consist of 6 layers and are flavoured with vanilla bean paste.  Other  cookie flavours include the addition of lemon rind or orange rind, or gingerbread or chocolate flavored. These cookies were a little gift for the bridal party members.
 Wedding cookies by Elegant Cakes and Party Dates
 Cookies that look like Wedding Cakes are just one of the options available. We can design a cookie just for you!

Custom made Wedding Toppers

Miriam contacted me a couple of months before her wedding. She lives in Perth, but has relatives here in Melbourne. She wanted to know if I could make some figurines for her Wedding Cake. Miriam met Brad while working on Hamilton Island. He was the Dive Instructor on on the Ferry that transported her to Hamilton Island each day. What a romantic story!However, Miriam wanted me to make some very special figurines to  recreate the special times they had on the waters of the Whitsundays. A few photos later, we worked out all the little details. They required two standing figurines. Brad was dressed in his uniform, while Miriam had casual clothes on.
The couple was marrying in Bali, so the actual the Wedding Cake was being made there. Her sister in law would then pick the figurines up from me in Melbourne and take them with her to the wedding in Bali.  After the wedding I received a lovely email from Miriam  She wanted to share some photos.

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A Military Wedding Celebration

 I was honoured when I was asked to make this wedding cake. The groom is actually my cousin.  He is in the Australian forces. Over the years we haven’t seen much of each other, but it was nice to be a part of his special day.

The wedding was held at the Cerberus Military Base, near Hastings. I had never been there before, but they have a lovely stone church at the base called Our Lady Star of the Sea HMAS Cerberus.  It was a splendid place for a wedding ceremony.

The design for the wedding cake was white and silver with a couple of fantasy flowers and a bow. The silver on the cake ties in with the silver detailing brides dress. The cake was chocolate mud with ganache and fondant. My most popular flavour.

I was also asked to make a wedding topper for the cake. The bride in her dress and the groom in his Military uniform.  I was given a picture of the military uniform when I was making the figurines, so I could make the outfit.

Wedding cake with handmade figurines.

Congratulations Claire and Charlie!

 Claire and Charlie ask me to design this simple three tier cake for their Wedding. It provided 100 coffee serves. Claire and Charlie had more than 100 guests, but they chose to have extra sheet cakes made and left them in the kitchen, rather than displaying a larger cake.


Claire and Charlie also ordered some handmade figurines for the top of the cake. The figurines were made using gumpaste icing. This icing that sets very hard, so it is perfect for making cake toppers.

A single bow finishes the back of the wedding cake and matched the bows on the chairs in the reception room. I actually think the bow would have looked nice placed on the front of the cake. However, they couple preferred the bow at the back. 

The ceremony and reception was held at Merrimu Receptions in Murrumbeena . As you can see it was a beautiful December day. Luckily I was able to drop the cake off before the heat of the day, and before too many shoppers were out doing their Christmas Shopping at Chadstone.

Congratulations  once again Claire and Charlie! Wishing you a wonderful day and a great future together!

Will you marry me?

Best wishes and Congratulations to
Michael and Kimberley!!!
This two tier engagement cake was designed using the invitation as inspiration. The silhouetted figures look very striking against the white cake, capturing the emotion of the special moment. Both the figures were cut out of gumpaste icing in advance and attached to the cake once it was assembled.

The tree’s leaves and branches curling over the top of cake add interest and colour to the top of the cake. Both tiers of the cake are chocolate mud cake, with ganache and fondant on top.Elegant Cakes and Party Dates Details

Wedding cake cookies

Here are my latest wedding cake cookies. Each one slightly different. The cookies above  have four layers, with white fondant between the tiers.  These cookies were made as a gift!
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A Vegan Engagement Cake


Tia’s severe nut and egg allergy and a Non-allergic food hypersensitivity to dairy had always prevented her from eating cake at special events. But she was determined not to miss out this time. Elegant Cakes and Party Dates was able to create a lovely Chocolate Engagement Cake that didn’t contain eggs, butter or milk, but was still rich and moist with a tender crumb. My aim was not just to have a beautiful looking cake, but also a cake that tasted lovely for the people at the party that didn’t have any allergies. It was wonderful to make this cake, because you know that the extra care and attention you have given is really appreciated. An Engagement Party is such a special event and not something you are going to forget in a hurry. The engagement party was held at Casa D’Abruzzo Club Epping

The roses were to be made of fondant, and the chocolate ganache I usually use was replaced with a Chocolate soy butter cream.

This is what Tia had to say: “Wow its amazing, even better than my reference photo..I’m so happy with it and my fiance loves it too.. The ingredient list and all the things you used are great 😀
It was Yummy and looked so nice I felt bad to cut it lol..It was all great and a really nice night. Thanks again. 🙂 “.
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A special gift

My son came up to me before school other day and said “Mum, my teacher is getting married this weekend!”
“Oh, that’s nice” I said “Will you be having a wedding at school  to celebrate?” They used to have a special assembly at school everytime a teacher got married.
“Don’t know?!” he says.
Anyway it was Thursday, and I had a bit of time, so I  decided to make a tiny Mud Wedding Cake, just for two.

After school, we find his teacher, my son presents the cake she looks surprised and thanks us. The next day I receive a lovely note of thanks and my son runs up to me and says ” Mum, my teachers not getting married, it’s her brother!”
I had to laugh!

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Handmade Surfing Wedding Figurines

 I  am very excited that I can now to share the  pictures of the figurines I made for Jessica and David’s Wedding Cake. Congratulations to Jess and David who married in Perth yesterday
David loves to surf, so Jessica wanted to incorporate his love of surfing into a personalised set of figurines for the top of their Wedding Cake. I must say that this is the most complicated set of figurines I have made so far. Making standing figurines can be tricky, but the fact that the groom was carrying the bride while balancing on a surfboard meant that I had very carefully work out how all the weight would be supported.

Jessica  doesn’t live in Melbourne. So the figurines were picked up by a friend. They were then transported by car to her parents place in country Victoria, before making the journey by plane to Perth, where Jessica finally got to see them

An Autumn Wedding Cake

This is the Autumn Wedding Cake I was asked to make for Kirsten and Sean. The Wedding Venue was Nathania Springs, in the Dandenong Ranges, near Monbulk.

Autumn Wedding Cake
Kirsten and Sean’s Autumn Wedding Cake


The  Autumn Wedding Cake features orange roses to match the bridal party and green ribbon from the wedding invitations. The cake is three tiers and the sides each cake have been embellished with a delicate flower pattern piped with royal icing.

Kirsten and Sean plan to keep the top-tier of their wedding cake for their First Wedding Anniversary. Kirsten and Sean selected two flavours for their wedding cake. The middle tier is fruit cake and bottom tier is mud cake. Both these cakes will be served at the wedding as part of a dessert buffet.

I took a lovely drive through the hills with my Mum to deliver the Wedding cake to Nathania Springs the morning of the wedding. Autumn is such a lovely time of the year to visit with all the leaves changing. Here is a picture of the cake set up in the reception venue.

Autumn Wedding Cake
Here is the cake all set up for the wedding.

 Exploring the beautiful gardens in the Dandenongs

After delivering the cake, it was lovely to exploring some of the beautiful gardens in the Dandenong Ranges. We went for a wander around the Pirianda Gardens. You would be amazed if you saw these bright red and white toadstools.  The largest ones I have ever seen. They were the size of  bread and butter plates!

After we went to see the amazing autumn colours at the larger National Rhododendron Gardens.  We were the only people there as it was early and the weather was drizzly. We came across two lyrebirds and a wallaby. The lake was also spectacular.