About us

Work and Family

The owner of Elegant Cakes and Party Dates is Melissa White. The business is located in Melbourne. Melissa lives with her husband, Oliver and two kids, Jessica and Dominic.

I originally trained as a Nurse at Deakin University. It was nursing that allowed me to travel and opened up my eyes to this whole new world of food.  Nursing is a profession where you help other people, but in a lot of cases, there was also so much sadness. I worked at the Austin Hospital on the spinal unit for a few years. Eventually, I started looking for a way to still help people, but in a happy way. The business was born out of  a love for baking. The reward was being there for happy times in people’s lives, such as birthdays. At first I was making cakes, just for fun. Sometimes just to try a new technique. Then friends and family started asking me to make them things. At the same time I started writing about them.


A new business is born

Elegant Cakes and Party Dates started operations in 2010. I started taking lots of cake decorating courses, joined the Victorian Cake Decorating Society and found a fantastic Sugar Craft Teacher. Not only was she an inspiration and a wonderful teacher, she also was a judge cakes at the Royal Melbourne Show. While I was searching the web one day and I found information on a course called Bizness Babes. It looked really good and applied straight away. I didn’t realise it at the time, but this was to be a real turning point for me. At the end of the course, I had  a name and the beginnings of a business plan. Elegant Cakes and Party Dates is home based business, the kitchen is registered with Manningham council.

Melissa travels all over Melbourne to host her parties. If you asked the family what is the best thing about Mum running a business, they would all say “When she has cake for us!” The second thing they would say is “Mum knows how to plan a fantastic party”.

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