Using cupcakes to make cute puppies

Elegant Cake and Party Dates hosts mobile parties in your home. Each new party class is tested by a bunch of kids in the Elegant Cakes and Party Dates kitchen, before it is added to our party menu.
We want to make sure the techniques used are age appropriate, and the activity is lots of fun.
Today we have the results of a new cake decorating party theme. Modelling new little animals out of fondant has always been popular, but making these puppy cakes was definitely taking it to the next level! I think what the children enjoyed the most about making puppy cakes was adding the little touches. Different faces, expressions, ears and things for the puppies to play.

The process

Each puppy is made from two little cakes, which are baked in a special pan. The cake mixture is similar to a chocolate truffle.


When it came to making the faces, there were lots of ‘Ohhs” and “Ahhs” and “Look at mine!”

Plan your own puppy party with us

 At the party each child will be able to make 2 puppies. The class runs for 2 hours. The cost is the same rate as our cupcake parties. If you would like more information, contact us.