Christmas Decorating workshops in Melbourne

Christmas Cupcake Decorating Melbourne

Christmas Decorating workshop in Melbourne. 

Number of guest that attended: 6.  Aged: between 4 and 6

If you are looking for fun way to get into the Christmas spirit this November and December, why not consider a Christmas Cupcake Decorating Party? These fun cake decorating activities can be shared with friends, grandchildren, cousins, as an end of year break up party for a club, etc, etc… All you need is to gather a group of 6-8 people. Select someone’s house to hold it at, and you have a great Christmas Party organised. Different designs can be organised depending on the age and number of the guests.

A party for the grandchildren

Zoe, thought this party was great idea. Her Grandmother organised the party. She said that she always like baking and making Christmas things. Zoe’s Grandmother booked the party treat for not only Zoe, but all of her grandchildren.

Christmas cupcake party

The girls were between 3 and 5 years old. The decorating lasted about an hour and a half. The children decorated 4 cupcakes each. They had fun making a Snowy Owls, Christmas Trees and Snowmen. For the last cupcake, the children learnt how to use the tools and cutters I brought with me. They were then able to create their own multi-coloured cupcake design. This is one Christmas party options.