Making Teddy bear cupcakes in Malvern

Penny’s 8th Birthday party making Teddy bear cupcakes 
We had a lovely afternoon in Malvern decorating these fun Teddy bear cupcakes and cupcakes with the children’s age or initial on them. There were a total of 25 children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old that took party in the cupcake decorating.  Penny’s Mum hired chairs and tables. This was so she had enough seating for the  cupcake decorating party which was held in their home. A few of the parents stayed and were treated to afternoon nibbles and drinks, while watching their children decorate. At most parties, the parents leave, but the majority of children were under 8, so that might have been why.
Catering for a large group
The children were all very excited. They couldn’t wait to start. This party was a little different to my other parties as each child was given 2 cupcakes each to decorate as we didn’t want the party to run any longer than 2 hours. Decorating two cupcakes instead of 4 is only an option if you have more than 24 guests.teddy bear cupcakes
The first thing the children did was  to cover the cupcakes with the rolled out fondant. We then made the teddy bear face together, so they were able to spend the rest of their time playing with the fondant and using different tools. Below are the photos of cupcakes they made!
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