Cupcake Decorating Party Melbourne

Chloe’s 11th Cupcake Decorating Birthday Party.

Number of guests that attended: 17

The party was held in Chloe’s home in Melbourne, Victoria. Chloe selected our Teddy bears and Flowers Cupcake Party. This consists of four cupcakes:

  • A cupcake with their initial or age
  • An animal, teddy bear
  • A bunch of flowers
  • A bow
The colours used for the Cupcake Decorating Party

Green, yellow, blue and white fondant are great colours to select for a cupcake theme. The colours really compliment each other. The children at this party were all around 10 years old, with a couple of younger kids. The teddy bear is a new cupcake to choose from. I like to mix things up a bit when it comes to parties and are more than happy to come up with new designs. The bunch of flowers made from ribbon roses is also another new design.

Who was at the Cupcake Decorating Party?

There were both girls and boys at the party. I thought at first the boys wouldn’t want to make the flowers and bows, but they didn’t mind at all. They were a great bunch of kids to work with, chatting animatedly all the way through the party. I think there was even a bit of karaoke at one stage. The children had a long discussions about who they were going to give each cupcake to, which I thought was rather nice. Below are the cupcakes made at the party.

Who is this party suitable for?

If you are considering booking a cupcake decorating party for your child, this is a great option for both girls and boys. I would recommend this party for children aged 9 years and older.

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Cupcake party