Designing cupcakes, birthday fun!

Bianca’s 14th Birthday Party

Number of guest that attended: 10

designing cupcakes
These are photos from Bianca’s cupcake decorating birthday party in South Yarra. The cupcakes Bianca selected for the birthday party were:
1. A dotty bow cupcake
2. Flowers and a message
3. Pinwheel cupcakes
4. Butterflies and flowers
I found this party rather interesting. The girls were happy to see the cupcakes Bianca wanted to make, but they  ask if it was ok to make some of their own designs. So some of the guests basically followed the designs that Bianca selected and others that had fun designing their own cupcakes using the icing I provided.
Designing cupcakes

During the party I taught the girls how to use all the tools and cutters I brought with me. My role at this party was to assist the girls with cupcakes they wanted to create. We had a great afternoon!

Happy birthday to Bianca!

Cupcake party

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