How to freeze Wedding Cake for your 1st Anniversary

Kirsten and Sean wanted to save the top-tier of their Wedding cake for their 1st Wedding Anniversary. Here is one way to freeze a cake to keep it for another occasion, such as your first anniversary.

freeze wedding cake

1. Remove any decorations from the cake. With Kirsten and Sean’s Wedding cake the roses and ribbon needed to come off the top-tier. So, work out where the decorations are attached and gently remove them.
  1. Next, carefully remove any excess icing from your decorations. The flower decorations can be put on display. Make sure they are kept away from moisture or they will soften. You also need to keep them out of the sun because the sunlight will fade the colours.
  2. Transfer the cake you want to freeze onto a clean plate and place the cake in the freezer for about 1 hour.
  3. After the cake has been in the freezer for an hour, take it out, remove the plate and cover the cake securely in two of layers of plastic wrap.
  4. Now, wrap the cake with two layers of foil.
  5. Finally place the entire wrapped cake into a container with a lid. Seal the container with the cake inside and place in the freezer until required. (see below)

When you want to eat the cake:

  1. Transfer the container with the cake in it to the fridge for two days before you need it. This will allow the cake to slowly thaw. Take the cake out of the container and remove the foil, but leave the plastic wrap until the cake to reaches room temperature. Any condensation should form on the outside of the wrapping. Remove the cling wrap and serve your cake.


Personally, I prefer fresh cake and probably wouldn’t freeze my own cake for a year. It is just as easy to make another one. However, if you follow the steps above, your cake should taste just as yummy as when it was made.

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