How to successfully cut a cake.

Cutting a cake is very easy if you follow these steps.

You will need:
a flat surface to cut the cake on
a roll of paper towel or a damp cloth
a bread knife (it must be very sharp, and have a long,thin serrated blade)

Once you have then things you need, start by cutting the cake into long slices.

  1. Place the knife about 1 inch from the edge of the cake.

  2. Don’t try to just push the knife down through the cake. Use a gentle sawing motion.

  3. Check that the knife has cut the cake the whole length of cake all the way down to the board.

  4. Remove this piece of cake and lay flat.

  5. Clean blade with moist cloth. or paper towel

The long slice can then be cut into smaller portions ready to serve.

  1. Repeat this process to cut the rest of the cake, wiping the knife clean with the cloth after every cut.



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