Transport a cake safely

What is the correct procedure to transport a cake safely?  Here are a few tips:
  • In a standard car the safest place to transport a cake is in the boot.
  • Use non slip mat under both boxes and containers for transport.
  • The container or Box must be placed on a flat surface
  • The passenger seat, or back seat are not safe places to transport your cake.
  • It is much safer for the cake to be in the boot on a non-slip mat, than held by a passenger.
  • Drive carefully, no sudden moves and take it easy on the corners.
  • Cakes need protection from both damage and contamination, so the best way to transport a cake is in a covered box or container.
  • Choose a container or box that is very close to the size of the board you have used under the cake. This will limit the movement of the cake while it is being transported.
  •  If using a deep container, use the lid as a base. (ie turn the container upside down) Then you  can simply remove the cake without damaging the sides of the cake.
  •  If using a box,there is also less risk of damaging the cake if  the cake can be slid out the side of the box, rather than lifting the cake out of the top of the box. ( You may need to alter the box, see how here)
  • Make any alterations to the box before you place the cake in it.

 Some of my adventures transporting cakes…


Jessica’s doll cake had to travel from Melbourne to Canberra by plane. I rang the airline and they said the cake would have to be placed in the overhead locker if there wasn’t a spare seat. The cake would also have to go through the x-ray machine. In the end the poor doll had to be transported without her head. It was the only way I could fit the cake in a container tall enough to fit the cake and small enough to fit the airline requirements. Luckily she looked fine once she was put back together. I learnt a lot transporting this cake. Planning is key. Ask lots of questions. Look around for different containers until you find one that can do the job.

Mum’s 60th Birthday Cake was transported to Ocean Grove. I found a container very similar to the one I used for both the Doll, and Turtle cakes pictured above.Because the car was packed for a holiday, there wasn’t room to have the cake in the boot by itself. The cake is packed with the non-slip mat under the container on a flat area on surface of the boot. Everything else just had to fit in around it. I must admit it is the first time I have tried to transport a cake in a full boot, but it made it there in perfect condition.

Transporting a cake to Darwin

Lat’s Turtle Graduation Cake had to travel to Darwin by plane. This time I found the container first and designed the cake to fit. It made it much easier and was a whole lot less stressful.

How to Make a custom designed box
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  1. McChar

    Great web site! I like the ideas on how to transport a cake and cooking with children. Keep up the great work!

  2. jbks

    I took a birthday cake to my daughter's place today for my grand daughters birthday, a trip of 40 km, the cake arrived fine, but I was a nervour wreck.How did you ever get your cake to Darwin? I like your site,I'll be visiting often. I've make cookie bouquets but yours look much better the mine. Guess that's the difference between professionals and also rans

  3. Melissa, Sugar Art Designer

    The cake went to Darwin by plane, that was easy. However, Suit Case Wedding Cake that can be seen in the “Elegant” Slideshow on the left side of my blog, was different story! If someone asks, I will tell you about the Best Wedding I have ever been to and the cake I made for it.