Mini cake design with ribbon roses

Ava’s 10th Birthday Party

Number of guest that attended: 9

I have a new party theme to share with you today. This was a request for Ava’s 10th Birthday party. Ava wanted to decorate cakes for her birthday, so we came up with this cute, mini cake design with ribbon roses.

Changing the location of the party

The weather on the day of the party was a lot hotter than expected. It was in the high 30’s by the time the party started in the afternoon. Originally the party was going to be held outdoors. They had a nice covered patio area out the back, but it was so hot out there.It was decided the best option would be to move a table into the living room. It was a little cramped, but at least  it wasn’t as hot.  Fondant becomes very soft when it is heated. So with hot hands, it becomes sticky and more difficult to work with. Inside the fondant was still ok.

Decorating the Cakes

 The afternoon started with the girls covering their mini cakes. Next they made all the ribbon roses for the top of the cake. These are made out of roll up strips of fondant. The Minnie mouse face was made in stages. First the white part of the face, then the black ears and head. The eyes, nose, mouth and tongue were added. The cute little red bow was added last.
The girls had a great time together. Unfortunately some of the photos came out a little blurry, but hopefully you can see all the effort that each child put into their cake
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