Mini cake parties

Mini cake party Inclusions
  • The party includes a party host.
  •  An optional printable invitation.
  • An apron to wear while at the party.
  • Each person gets to decorate their own 5 inch cake with fondant.
  • The flavours of the cakes can either be vanilla, or chocolate.
  • Allergies can be catered for. Please organise this when you are booking your party.
  • Parties larger than 15 guests will require an extra staff member.
  • All tools and equipment needed to decorate the cake are provided
  • Your guests are given a  cardboard cake tray to carry their cake home.
  • You need to provide a table, covered with a plastic tablecloth and chairs.

This party runs for 2 hours.


The cost for a mini cake party is $245 for 6 people. Extra people can be catered for, $35 per person.

Travel Fee

A travel fee is charged for all parties. This is determined by the number of kilometres I need to travel to your location. I am located in Doncaster. For local parties within Manningham this is usually no more than $10. Other area depend on kilometres travelled. $30-$40 is average.


Booking your party is easy. Simply fill out the details on our booking form after you have selected your cake theme.

Here are the mini cake themes you can select from:

 Fairy houses

 Ava’s Mini Cake with ribbon roses

rainbow cake party ideas

Sienna’s Rainbow Cake Decorating Party

Purple owl cake decorating party

 Marie’s Purple cake party with owls

danced themed cake decorating party

 Abby’s Dance Cake Decorating Party

Ladybird cake party for 10th birthday

 Stefanie’s Ladybird cakes

Hula doll cakes and volcanos

 Indiana’s Hula Doll Cakes

Cake Decorating party

 Emma’s Winter birds 

Gluten free cake decorating party

 Tamara’s Pink Owl Cakes

  Ayla’s rainbow cakes with flowers

   Shannon’s Butterflies and Flowers

new party theme for birthday party

.New mini cake themes

Grace’s owls and bows

 Georgia’s Winter penguin party

 Stephanie’s Rainbow owls Mini Cakes

  Beth’s Blue Owl Mini Cakes

Follow this link to book your mini cake party

New parties are slowly being added to this list. If you don’t have enough room at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cake decorating birthday party with us. We can also suggest a suitable venue to use in your area.

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