Figurines can be made to look like you, with a similar hair colour, hair style and clothing. Below are just a few of the  wedding figurines I have made. We also get a lot of requests for Holy Communion cakes and Birthday cakes.

COST- If you want a figurine with the amount of detail shown in the pictures above, you are looking at a cost of about $50 for each person that you require to be made into a figurine. Figurines can either me made of gumpaste (sugar) or polyclay.( a baked clay)

Some examples of things that can be added to your figurines: veils, tiaras, jewellery and flowers; sports equipment, miniature wedding cakes or even toys and animals.  There may be additional costs for some items ie The aeroplane.

HOW MUCH NOTICE DO YOU NEED?  2 weeks notice or more is required. Please do not ask if we can make your figurine if you need it today or tomorrow.  Figurines are designed according to your specific needs, I do not have spares.

DEPOSITS -To complete a booking, a deposit of 50% is required to confirm your reservation. No work will commence on a project until this deposit has been received. The remaining payment will be required at the time of pick up from our address.

PICK UP–  All orders may be picked up from Doncaster at no additional cost.  We are open by Appointment only.